The Butterfly 'More Schools' Project

It is now over one year since the English Schools' Table Tennis Association joined forces with Butterfly to launch the BUTTERFLY 'MORE SCHOOLS' PROJECT PACK. Read all about it and downdload your copy now from the Website.

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The Butterfly Skills Table Tennis Programme and the Butterfly Skills Cards

The Butterfly Skills Table Tennis Programme is a sister package to the Butterfly ‘More Schools’ Project. It is an ideal programme to introduce table tennis to players in schools, clubs and sports centres. With four skills levels to work towards, this is truly a 'must have' toolkit for all table tennis teachers and coaches. It consists of a resource pack containing 180 pages of coaching illustrations, lesson plans, posters of how to play different strokes, an illustrated training manual, proficiency awards and a range of equipment – all of which can be purchased separately. 

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Intra School and Inter School Competition Schedules

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ETTA Development Department Contacts

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